HKU Summer Programme 2013

Dear Sir,
Greetings from the University of Hong Kong (HKU)!
I am delighted to let you know that The University of Hong Kong (HKU) will offer an array of over 20 non-credit bearing programmes in summer 2013. The programmes aim to enable your students to broaden their horizons, enrich their professional knowledge, experience cultural exchange and enjoy the campus life of HKU.
Programme Highlights:
Leadership and Innovation Summer Exchange (Jul 15-20 2013)
HK$4,600 (includes accommodation, meals and activities)
Leadership is a core competence of every leader. The gist of leadership is about decision making, team building, effective communication and negotiation skills, innovation and insights. In this programme, participants will learn how to make a decision, how to keep the team’s spirit de corps intact, how to present yourself vividly and effectively in front of your team, how to speak confidently in front of public audience and practice the skills of leadership.
Entrepreneurship for Business and Social Leaders (Jul 29 – Aug 2, 2013) HK$3,800
This course will introduce students to essential aspects of entrepreneurship in the context of global business, international politics and social change in the 21st century. Students will also acquire a good understanding of leadership and leadership making through various methods of personal development."


Crimson Summer Exchange (Jul 28 – Aug 9, 2013)
CSE introduces students to a whole new way of addressing problems from multiple perspectives both critically and independently through close interaction and proactive discussion with bright young scholars from Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford and other top universities.
Young Medical Professionals SummervProgramme (Jul 22-26, 2013) HK$3,200
This is a 5-day programme for students to explore their potential and interest in medical professions. A wide range of learning activities in the objective of enhancing students’ understanding on medical and health science will be presented. It also provides students a tertiary learning experience through workshops, seminars, clinical demonstration and laboratory practical session. The programme gives students a thought on their career prospect and allows them to interact with faculty members and new people.
Young Finance Professionals Summer Programme (Jul 15-19, 2013) HK$3,200
This programme targets students who are interested in studying business or developing a career in the business and financial sector. This 5-day programme provides students a first look at the current business environment. Through classes, seminars, and visits to government authorities and various companies, students will gain an overall understanding of the current economic and financial development within Hong Kong, China and the world. Students will also embed themselves into the business world by engaging in a small business research project.
You are cordially invited to browse the HKU Summer Programme website for information about the programmes, online application, tuition fees and HKU accommodation.
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me at [email protected] or (852) 2241-5855.
We look forward to meeting your students in the coming summer. Your students will enjoy a great summer here!
Best regards,
Salad Kwok
Programme Manager
HKU Summer Programme

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